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Warsaw Declaration 2013
Warsaw Declaration 2013


Warsaw, September 25, 2013CEDPO and the National Association of DPOs in Europe have adopted the “Warsaw Declaration 2013 which relates to encourage organizations in Europe to appoint Data Protection Officers (DPOs)."

The European Confederation of the Data Protection Inspectors (CEDPO) and national associations of Data Protection Officers in Europe, including the Association of Information Security Administrators (SABI), have adopted the "Warsaw Declaration 2013" [EN] during the 35th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy "Privacy: A Guide to the confusing world", which was held from 23rd to 26th of September in Warsaw. The "Warsaw Declaration 2013" relates to encourage organizations in Europe to appoint the personal data protection officers (DPOs)

Representatives of organizations emphasized the increasingly important role of the DPO - a  valuable "guide", whose task is to provide in practice the organization's compliance with the data protection principles. While the EU institutions, working on a new Regulation of the European Parliament and the EU Council on the protection of personal data, focus on the consideration if the establishment of the DPO should be obligatory or not, CEDPO suggests stakeholders to move beyond this debate and persuades the European legislator to prepare the transparent rules which encourage organizations to appoint the DPO.

The declaration adopted the following organizations: CEDPO (Confederation of European Data Protection Organisations) which associates: Profesional Association Espanola de la Privacidad (APEP) in Spain, Gesellschaft fur Dantenschutz und Datensicherheit (GDD) in Germany, the Association Francaise des Correspondants a la Protection des donnees (AFCDP) in France and NederlandsGenootschap van Functionarissenvoor de gegevensbescherming (NGFG) in the Netherlands, as well as: Stowarzyszenie Administratorów Bezpieczeństwa Informacji (SABI) in Poland; ARGE DATEN Privacy Austria in Austria and Latvijas sertificēto personas Datu aizsardzības speciālistu Asociācija (LFPDA) in Latvia.

Warsaw Declaration 2013 [EN] [PL]

DPO representatives of European organizations at a meeting in Warsaw, from left: Kathryn Whelan (ADPO),
Agnese Bobovica (LFPDA), Pascale Gelly (AFCDP), Maciej Byczkowski (SABI), Charlotte Schoenherr (ARGE DATEN)
Michał Kaczorowski (SABI), Dr. Sachiko Scheuing (NGFG), Steffen Weiss (GDD).

CEDPO published the first negotiating position on the proposal of the EU regulation on the 30th of March 2012, and submitted proposals for changes in the Document dated on the 19th of October 2012. The documents mentioned above, including a new document on "Incentives", are available at the address given below: